Land Surveyors provide NAVD-88 elevations for tidal benchmarks.

NOS Tide Station

Tidal Benchmark

NOAA-Compliant Tide Station Submittals Include:
  1. Transmittal letter
  2. Data Checkoff List
  3. Tide Station Xpert Site Reports
  4. Chartlets and USGS Quad Map
  5. Permits and Property Owner Agreements
  6. Benchmark Descriptions & “To-Reach” Statements
  7. Sensor Elevation Drawing
  8. Sensor Elevation Diagram
  9. Calibration Certificates
  10. Bench Mark Sketch
  11. Photos of Benchmarks, Tide Station, DCP, & Well
  12. Levels and Field Notes of Precise Leveling
  13. Staff to Gauge Observations
  14. Datum Offset Computation Worksheet
  15. GPS Deliverables
  16. Water Level Data
  17. Tide Calculations