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Geophysical Surveys, Oceanography, Sediment Sampling, Hydrographic Surveys, Sea Level Monitoring, Paleochannel Surveys, Pipeline Surveys, Marine Vegitation Surveys, Lakes and Resevoirs, International Surveys, Marine Geographical Surveys

Site Projects

We have covered site projects for private companies and municipalities around the country, and around the globe! Lakes and reservoirs, US Coast Guard Stations,

Our Boats

Our boats serve just about any project that you might have. Lakes and resevoirs,  offshore, rivers, bays and deltas. All hydrographic survey vessels come complete with tow vehicle and trailer for quick and inexpensive transport to the survey area.

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Multibeam Sonar Map


Class 1 Pre- and Post-Dredge Surveys
Multibeam Sonar Surveys
River and Ship Channel Surveys
Lake and Reservoir Surveys
Beach Transects and Profiles
Marine Vegetation Mapping
Emergency and Disaster Surveys

Drone with side scan sonar


Side-scan and Multibeam Sonars
Subbottom Profiling & Seismic Surveys
Marine Magnetometer
Search and Recovery Operations
Pipeline and Cable Route Surveys
Offshore Sand Resource Mapping
Marine Archaeology

Santa Barbara


Dye and Drogue Studies
Current Speed & Direction Monitoring
Measurement of Waves and Tides

USACE inspecting core


Vibracore Sediment Samples
Sediment Testing and Analyses
Gravity Coring and Grab Sampling

Our Clients

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About us in Depth

Sea Surveyor, Inc. is a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) that specializes in hydrographic surveys, geophysical investigations, vibracoring, and oceanography.

Founded in 1985, Sea Surveyor, Inc. has conducted marine surveys all along the US West Coast, as well as at remote sites in South America, Europe, Asia, Caribbean, and the South Pacific. Our primary clients include design engineers, port authorities, utility districts, and dredge contractors, as well as Federal, State, and local agencies.

Geophysical Survey Vessels

Choosing the proper survey vessel is critical to the success of any marine survey. Sea Surveyor owns 4 custom-built survey vessels, ranging from 14-feet to 72-feet in overall length. Each of our survey vessels are designed to operate in a specific environment, ranging from rough seas found in offshore marine waters, to choppy conditions present in large harbors, to the calm waters of lakes and coastal lagoons. Trailers and tow vehicles are included with the 14’, 22’, and 26’ survey vessels for quick and inexpensive transport to the work site.




72 ft research vessel lightning

72′ Lightning

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