Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District
Year: 2011
Contract Value: $57K

In June 2011 Sea Surveyor shipped our 10’ mini-vibracore, air compressor, and inflatable survey boat FIREFLY in a sea container to Ft. Myers, Florida and collected 27 vibracore sediment samples for the Jacksonville District, Corps of Engineers. The mini-vibracore collected 3.5”-diameter sediment cores of 10’-length in the shoaled areas of the Ft. Myers’ Federal Navigation Channel. Sediment collected in the vibracore samples was contained in butyrate liners and used for pre-dredge laboratory analyses to determine the dredged sediment’s acceptability as beach nourishment material. Sea Surveyor’s inflatable ZODIAC survey boat, FIREFLY conducted a detailed hydrographic survey around each coring location so that the vibracore sample was collected at the shallowest spot in that part of the Navigation Channel. The crane, barge, tug, and crew used to deploy the vibracore are provided by a local (Ft. Myers) subcontractor.