Client: U.S. Coast Guard, Civil Engineering Unit
Completion Date: 2003
Contract Value: $250K

For 13-years (1991 to 2003), Sea Surveyor conducted Class 1 pre- and post-dredge hydrographic surveys at U.S. Coast Guard Stations in California, Oregon, and Washington. The hydrographic surveys are conducted under contract to the U.S. Coast Guard and include collecting electronic soundings in deep water, leadline depth measurements around docks, monitoring, tides for correcting soundings to the MLLW tidal datum, and preparing bathymetric contour charts.

Sea Surveyor tows our survey vessels to each of the U.S. Coast Guard Stations and conducts the pre- or post-dredge soundings in one day. Survey equipment includes an INNERSPACE survey-grade depthfinder, differential GPS navigation, self-recording tide guage, and navigation computer with HYPACK software

Deliverables from the Class 1 Hydrographic Surveys include:
 Sounding Charts at scale 1”=30’
 Contoured Bathymetric Charts
 Dredge Volume Computations
 Cross-Sectional Profiles